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What's in here?

You can find samples out of the collection of John with Sphingidae, by navigating means at the top. In a hurry? Please, use the search command above! This site is still under construction. In due time, we publish the according database(s) as well. In here you 'll find quantities and other details.


This site is to promote the exchange of knowledge and species of Shingidae. With this site, John offers you assistance by determination of Shingidae. At the moment, John is specializing in determination of Sphingidae by the research of their genitals. Furthermore, John is no trader and prefers exchange. Nevertheless, he is always interested if want to buy or sell. Proposals concerning specimen without the common information (capture date, place and so on), are worthless to him.


We are grateful to everyone who helped to construct and update this site by whatever means. Especially to: Harmen de Haan., Joke de Vries de Haan.,

Bert Jongerling., Frans Smit.

Although we took all precautions to prevent mistakes, it is no guarantee that there are none! Please inform him, if you assume mismatches. We accept under no condition, no consequences due to mismatches.

Contact info

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Address:              Sphingidaeroad 197 Rotterdam The Netherlands

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