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John's collection

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In the next pages and near future you can find samples from each specimen in the collection of John. Next pages are separated by first letters of family names. Even so at least per column. 

To find pictures, we recommend also the use of the search option of this site!

When this site was raised, only the first page (A up to Am) was completed with according pictures! 

So it is "".


All enlarged pictures; dimensions 640x480 pixels, resolution 72 pixels per inch, pixel depth 24 and colors 16 million. Most of them are smaller than 100kb. You are free to print them, but quality will stay poor. Please contact the webmaster, for more technical details and John for higher resolution samples.

All thumbnails as showed per page, are less then 2 kb. In each page you can find about 35 up to 40 samples. Due to the overall size of some pages and quality of the connection to your computer, please be patience while opening.







Latest update: 19 November 2001